Acer Travelmet C110 BIOS Failure

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Hello, I flashed my Acer C110 BIOS and now the system is non-functional. I have run through the Crisis Disk procedures and the system appears to read the BIOS Ok. The BIOS on Acer Web Site (totally crap support) is R01-A1S (called A1P-A1S.ROM). This is a winflash image, which I do not know if it is supposed to work from DOS or not.
I used the A1P-A1S.ROM file and renamed it BIOS.WPH to use with Crisis Disk. Floppy reads for a minute or so, at the end the laptop makes a strange sound and then stops. Power light on, nothing else doing anything.
My previous BIOS was R01-A1Q and I am not having much luck getting a copy of that BIOS from Acer. Also, I think this is an Award or Pheonix BIOS, but that company does not have anything useful except directing to a company who wants to sell me a program to run on the PC, which is dead, so I do not know how they think that is going to be any help to me. In any case they tell me they only have the R01-A1S BIOS image, which is what got me into this mess.
Does anyone have any other BIOS image for the TravelMate C110?
Acer needs to look at other PC manufacturer web sites and provide an FTP site that has all current and previous BIOS and driver software. This is a really easy thing to do and provides the end user with the easiest way to manage their own PC.
Thanks if you can help.
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