ECS K7SOM+ rev 7.5 C dead after attempted bios update

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Hey guys, I'm new here, please forgive me if this has been beat to death (I read the wisdom stuff and did a search but didn't find what I was looking for).
Anyway, I've been having problems with my K7SOM+ rev 7.5C Mobo and figured a bios update may help with them. (My CDRW was only showing up as a CDROM in windows even with drivers and such)
So I went to the ECS website, downloaded the appropriate flasher (aminf335.exe) and I extracted the correct (at least I am pretty sure it was the correct one) bios image - E030930S.rom directly from I put both files on a bootable floppy with nothing else on other than the required system files.

I ran the flash utility with the /? tag to see what options I had. There was a /v option that verified the integrity of the file and insured that it was infact the correct version. It said that it was, so I went ahead with it. some bells and whistles went off, everything seemed to be okay, and it rebooted.
After the reboot there was no video, and the floppy drive kept chugging away and the pc speaker would beep once every 4 seconds or so at regular intervals. I thought, well gee whiz, maybe I just have to clear the CMOS. So I cleared it, pulled out the battery, grabed a snack, came back put the battery back, put the jumper back to the normal position, turned on the computer and the same thing happened, disk drive chugging away and a beep every four seconds or so.
So I looked on the internet for some help. I realized it's an ami bios and there is an emergency procedure to get back your bios if it failed. So I followed those instructions by copying the correct bios onto a floppy disk and changing the name to AMIBOOT.ROM. I put this disk into the drive, and powered up and the same thing happened, I waited about ten minutes and nothing happened.

So I'm wondering if I did something wrong, or if I'm doing something wrong or if you have any advice. I was going to bite the bullet and send the bios chip in to have it reflashed, but it's soldered on the mobo, so that is out of the question.

Please help, and I hope this post wasn't too long.

thank you very much

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