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Discusses BIOS flashers and utilities from Award, AMI and Uniflash
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I have HP Vectra 420 with Asus P4-MX Motherboard,and Amibios, with number 63-1000-001292-00101111-040201-I845-1AATM107-. Is it possible to flash this mb with any other bios except with the bios provided from HP homepage,because all good bios options (RAM, FSB)are hidden,or to unhide them?Thanks in advance
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I do not know if it is possible, but here is my 5cents.
I had a P4B-MX board from a 420vl comp. Was planning to flash it with the latest ASUS bios but I never got around to it as the mobo exhibited memory detect problems long before
and I scrapped it. The HP oem board uses an 512K flash chip loaded with AMI bios.
The ASUS original is 256K and Award bios.
I prepared the 512K file by appending two copies of the ASUS bios file, as found on this site that some boards can be "restored" in this way.
see link: ... ght=append

Then there is the question to bypass the flash protection and finding the correct flasher to put Award over AMI on the board, maybe its trivial.
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