Video, SCSI, modem, CDROM/CDR/CDRW, etc.
#43555 by JEWilson
Sun Feb 11, 2007 12:52 pm

This is an MX440SE-T i.e. NVidia GeForce 4 4X based card.
It has VGA, S-Video and AV-Out (Composite).

I received this card and found when used it has a series of evenly
spaced thin vertical white lines at POST screen. If I enter the
mobo BIOS these lines disappear. Have not tried it (to date)
with Windows or Linux.

I physically checked the AGP card and found 3 surface mount caps
noticeably amiss. Replace these easy enough - but problem persists.

When power on mobo, the VGA BIOS screen does not appear so
I cannot reliably tell what version BIOS, memory etc. this AGP card
supports. The problem remains same irrespective of mobo.

I will use the available tools at
to make certain what card I am dealing with.

Any advice?