ASUS A2H Laptop/Notebook

Video, SCSI, modem, CDROM/CDR/CDRW, etc.
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Sorry for my english i'm from Italy. I have 1 asus a2h with sis m650 as you i think.

I'd like to buy a wide screen 19 inches with 1440x900. I think my actually bios is 1.10.8q

How can i upgrade my bios?
Can you send me the upgrade or the link?
The internal monitor 15 inches can continue to work? I read something about the new bios doesn't permit this thing.

I need the internal monitor 15 inches and the external 19 inches 1440x900.

Thank you

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i won't answer to threads like this in the future, as i really really really made it clear more than once. or to quote myself :
ALL LAPTOP USERS READ THIS : Currently there is NO WAY to support widescreen without rendering your main LCD useless (it will just stay black and won't display anything at all). If you don't care about your main LCD open a new thread and ask for a patched bios. Otherwise use Linux which supports widescreen without the need of a special video bios version. Or if you don't want to use Linux: don't buy a widescreen LCD!
If you email me include [WIMSBIOS] in the subject.
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