no display after BIOS update

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I have HP-compaq SR2002X desktop and A8m2n-la Mobo.
In order to update the BIOS I downloaded the file on the following page ownloadIndex?cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&softwareitem=pv-56 155-1&jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN
and run the software. After installation it asked for rebooting and after pressing Yes and rebooting there is no display in monitor at all.
I am getting usual sounds from PC when machine starts and it seems Windows XP is getting loaded as well as I get to hear the Windows Sounds when XP auto log-in the user.
I do not know how to solve this issue at home ? I contacted HP but they ask me to take it to the Service center which sure will cost me.
Could there be any other solution ? I do not see BIOS as well.

In addition I want to ask,
Can I put a pci video/display card in PC to get display working ?
what would I have to do in that case so that external PCI display card work ?


I have not tried another monitor as I do not have one extra.
Surprising is that, when a pc is started we get a sound from monitor exactly at the time when the display appears on monitor for very first time. I am able to hear that sound as if display appeared on monitor but actually nothing appears on monitor. Also Can not see the monitor panel do not show anything. when I plug out the monitor cable from machine then only monitor shows no video cable or similiar but otherwise monitor menu does not work at all (after pressing on monitor buttons). I guess monitor menu should work even though the display is not coming on monitor(powered on, amber/orange LED )

Thanks :(
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You might can plug external PCI/AGP/PCIe card into motherboard to make system boot with that display card !

Generally BIOS will scan external display card first and then scan integrated card later...That is, BIOS decides the scanning sequence !
BUT...if BIOS's code to scan display card is fixed (Ex. scan integrated only) then you can only resort to Manufacturer...

* Generally in setup menu you can choose the "sequence" of display card when boot. Take a look at the setup menu items. If no, just plug external display card and boot directly to see if it works...

The phenomenon no display BUT sound ok indicates:Video BIOS is not correctly invoked by BIOS !!! For this issue there are many root causes and need further debug.

Note: enter setup menu and "load default" to test !
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Funny thing, I just did the same..

plug your monitor in a PCI video card and boot. You should get video.

In the BIOS set the video to [onBoard] and reboot..

Anyone can help me patch this bios (A8M2N-LA) to recognize a 5000+ black edition??

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