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#50962 by victorin1
Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:52 pm
I have an ecs l4s5mg/651 v3.02 mobo, and I have the classic video resolution trouble but I fixed with the help of this page; now I try to upgrade cpu from northwood 2.4 SL6SH to a 3.06 northwood HT, because the bios did not recognize it I have tried to update the bios from a ecs l4s5mg3/651 v6.0 and it works. Now I was wondering if there is any patch for bios to use the prescott family cpu, I understand that the FSB is a hardware issue but, do you think that I can use prescott 533mhz on this mobo? Excuse me for this kind of questions but after I read many topics here, I am so shure you are the only with the experience that can answer me this. Also do you have the last and complete bios with patches for this mobo L4S5MG/651. And for shure this mobo can handle HT

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