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I got a Erazor II, they did not work in DOS-Mode, but works perfect in W2k and W98 (second Adapter).
I looked in the Bios(of the ErazorII) and there is the Problem. The first Byte is zero, then 63* FFh; but at this position normaly are other informations.
I tried to flash the VGA-Bios but the Elsa-Tool did not work to the end after loding the file from disk the tool returns to dos.
The nvidia flashers 3.x did not support the flash-chip (Atmel AT 29c257) and the Version 4.x chrashed on my computer. And uniflash can not read or write a byte in this chip :-(.

Any hints for me? Can I use a other flash-rom?

Jan Hill
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I'd try again with another downloaded copy of the Nvidia 4.x flasher. Your copy might be corrupt.
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