inspiron 8200 crashed big time

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alright guys, im like not too sure what to make of it, i was surfing on the internet yesterday and my laptop went caput. the screen went black, and the system wouldnt respond, so i shut it down. when i brought it back up there are / were vertical lines single lines, going vertical in evenly spaced increments accross my dell splash screen, i also see before that a small section of screen in the middle upon power up thats covered with vertical collumns of zeros. when it gets passed the splash screen i have a bios password protect, which is also corrupted with a few zero collumns and which locks up upon a valid password entry. it wont boot up and i think that the bios is f***ed up, i just replaced the laptop graphics card 2 days ago and it was running just fine, but it was so severe and so quick i think its more a logic error than hardware degradation. i would like your guys is input.

side note, i unplugged the reserve battery. but it wouldnt reset the bios's crappy password protect scheme (needed to boot the computer) and it still has corrupted pixel and text displays.
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Flash your BIOS at your own risk.