Need of patched BIOS for Fujitsu-Siemens P5600 (SiS761 GX)

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at first, sorry for my very bad english :oops:

I use PC with this mainboard and wide display Samsung SM2333T, so I need resolution 1920x1080 (or an other 16:9 Resolution).
I've updated drivers, updated BIOS to lastest versions but it still don't works. :(

Here's link on BIOS I'm using ESPRIMO P5600 (SiS761) - ( BIOS for D2030-A1x / Version 5.00 R1.07.2030.A1 ): ... sp?LNG=COM

Can you help me, please?

Thx 4 all!
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FSC is using a proprietary format for their bioses, based on the Phoenix 6.0 series of bios. Even if we manage to find a method to put in the module, there is absolutely no guarantee it will work. Over the last 4 years the entire bios modding community has been busy at one point or another to crack these buggers, so far without result. It's possible to unpack the .ocf file to something resembling a Phoenix romfile but any "normal" phoenix tool (including the official Phoenix Bios Editor) will complain about invalid headers etc.

More info:

The SiS672FX performace is horrible to todays standards. a Geforce 6200 is about 3.5 times faster already ... Review/473

In this chart that is a loooong way down (4 rows from absolute bottom): ... 107-7.html

A Geforce 210 is 4 steps up and available at $20: ... 6814127705

Advice: buy any cheap graphics card with a non-SiS chip on it and be done with it. SiS stopped supporting their graphics stuff completely.

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Thanks for the detailed answer!

I'd rather buy a new card

Greetings from Germany
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