Need Patched Bios for Large HDD (SD to IDE adapter) for a 486 Motherboard (r407e)

Video, SCSI, modem, CDROM/CDR/CDRW, etc.
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(This is the best section I was able to find for my question, please let me know if there's a better one)

Hi, my 486 PC is not accepting a SD Card IDE adapter, would someone be willing to patch the motherboard BIOS? Also, I guess it would be a good addition to the "Patched Bios" list.

Here is the info:

Motherboard: Deep Green PC r407e
(VESA 486)

Award BIOS 4.50g
(There's a newer version 4.51g (or pg) but wasn't able to find it online and I'm not sure if it would be ok for this motherboard anyway)


I also have the motherboard's manual, I can scan it if someone is interested.

I will buy a Eprom programmer to dump the BIOS to a file and send it (and be able to program a new one, hopefully).

Let me know, Thanks,
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