Need a Radeon 7000 v-bios

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I was helping out a guy who didn't like the dos fonts of his Radeon 7000 card because they looked wierd compared to his previous video card.

So I located an HP Radeon 7000 video bios that appeared to have different internal fonts according to Radedit so he flashed it into the card.
Now Windows won't accept the standard radeon video drivers for it, it will only take the HP drivers.

Does anyone have an original Radeon 7000 PCI DDR bios?
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Tried with the Omega Radeon drivers ?
They should work with all Radeons - build and powered by ATI .
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ATi doesn't provide BIOS updates for their VGA cards, but their associates do. ATi's main page includes a list of partners, whose sites generally include firmware updates.

I was recently looking for a Rage Fury firmware update, so this is how I found out...
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Start here:
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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(already checked those) I mentioned the omegacorner drivers to him but he didn't want to use them. Rage3d had no bios either.

However I finally found a radeon VE bios on a russian site that worked.

So he's back to normal now.

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