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#58317 by People321
Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:05 am
I upgraded the video card's BIOS. now have a black screen in front. What to do? I put my computer to work but can not do anything. But the computer is a black screen at the front.
Video card NX6200AX-TD512 NV44a
S/N: S31-0900183-U25 0902001548
The biggest problem is that the AGP video card to put the bus. I change the bios what is the primary video. But this does not help if the integrated video card. I put my video card and a computer to work but I can not do anything. Automatically boot up the AGP bus. I do not know. I have to buy an old PCI video card and try this option, it may be able to help. The computer does not recognize the video card? The same thing as the comput
er is crashed.