One more thread about 1440x900 on AL1917W

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I have an AL1917W monitor and dual boot on winxp and debian. I managed to make the resolution work nicely on debian, but I am still stuck at a stretched 1152x864 on windows.

I believe the board to be integrated; SiS 661FX, already updated to the most recent version from SiS's website. The resolution I want still does not appear on the Display Properties dialog, though, so reading other threads leads me to believe this is a problem of bios.

Display Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Adapter, in fact, displays:

Chip type: SiS 661
DAC type: Internal
Memory type: 32 MB
Adapter String: Mirage
Bios information: 0.68.00

... and while the SiS website ( tells me that I should update the bios to support that resolution, it tells me I am on my own to find my board manufacturer.

So. How do I find this information out, and how do I update the bios to make the right resolution be available for winxp? (I don't think it matters, but I'd also like to not affect how it works on debian).
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read the sticky thread in this section. come back with the information we need. and please change the subject of this thread to the model of your mainboard after that.

effects on debian: none.
If you email me include [WIMSBIOS] in the subject.
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