HP Pavillion A810N (ASUS K8S-LA) widescreen

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Please excuse and naivete this post might represent. I don't mess with Bios much at all.

I have the exact same predicament that mpic92 (above) had: HP a810n with a K8S-LA Motherboard trying to patch Bios with the file I downloaded here in order to get SIS 760 adapter to be Widescreen LCD Compatible. I've updated Bios with official HP version. I've updated the Sis 760 driver. Monitor Driver is up to date.

So... I've found this and I'd love to have it work! I downloaded the sp26627.zip, ignored the "installer.exe" because it gave me "improper line command" and opened the Flash.EXE.

In WinFlash when I go to File>Update Bios it asks me to "specify new bios file", looking for a ".bin." I don't want to guess and blow up the board. What file am I looking for? The 315.rom? I know mpic92 asked this but I don't see the answer anywhere.

Can someone help? Please? I'd be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance.
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315.rom is the bios file. you can rename it to 315.bin if you like.
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