Do I Really need a BIOS patch?

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I have a SIS630 integrated video card on a PCChips 810LR, and currently, I can't use my 19" display on Win XP.

Thing is, I was flirting with linux, and Ubuntu made no questions regarding video drivers whatsoever, and I could use the 1440x900 resolution freely. So, I know for sure there IS a way around, otherwise I couldn't have used 1440x900 in ubuntu without a BIOS patch.

Any ideas?
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There's no problem with SIS 630/730 and newer chipset using widescreens resolutions via Linux. It's a major problem in Windows though. Windows driver requires those modes supported by Videobios, Linux does not need this.
There's no patch for SIS630/730 motherboards offering widescreen res in Windows.
Blame SIS for their dumb Windows drivers.
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Agreed. My Ubuntu could display widescreen resolution without any hassle.
And SiS made it harder to find and update our videobios :P
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