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Hi !!

I have an olivetti M4 p100 s modulo, and i want to make a router with it. i have opted for linux coyote disturb or ipcop. but when the linux os is booting, my screen turn off, and send the message "no signal"...

Have you an idea ?? it's an bios upgrade existing to upgrade the graphical card (the gc is on the motherboard...)

Please help me !! :roll:
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The distro seems to be trying to run console or X (depending on where it is in the boot process) at a higher frequency then your monitor is capable of using. I encountered this problem when I set the console to use 1024X768 and then switched to an older monitor that was only capable of using 640X480.

Try another distribution such as Redhat or Slackware. They work on just about anything.
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