SIS card Problem Help !

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Ty :roll:

..ehm .. only one question: i'm looking for AWD64GB.EXE - Award BIOS patcher for HDDs over 32GB & 64GB by rainbow.

There is someone that can help me ?


ps: Ehilà, Ajzchips, how are you ? :lol:
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Nope, that program isn't publicly distributed. You'll have to arrange to have one of our associates patch your BIOS for you.
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:( :( ..:roll: :roll:.... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

mmmmm....ok :D .. but i can try this tool on a big number of old beta bios downloaded from the award web site in 2000 yr...(for i430fx/vx chipset)

I have (eg) a bios upgrade for the LS P55ce 430FX that support hd up to 32GB,.. beta bios for the procomp , powertech old mainboard etc. etc. etc.

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Most of the Wimsbios associates already have the full "image" of the Award ftp server before it was removed, and we do resort to the betas occasionally.
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Icluding the 440 series, SIS, ALI and VIA chipsets that were available at the time.

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i did successfully install dx9 certified sis 6326 graphics drivers for win 9x from driverguide although they are unofficial hacked ones.
I dont know if they're still there but also to have the latest firmware will be to replace it by pulling theBIOS out IF the firmware will fit in your mobo bios under vga driver (1) tree.
The .bin file with the tsr is what im talking about.
BTW dx9 speeds up sis6326 i was using one till i sold it 3 months ago and this was standalone sis 6326 with only 4megs of mem lol.
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