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#59602 by jwaiv
Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:03 pm

I’ve run into a problem with a Sony/ASUS P5BW-MB motherboard that was used in the Sony XL302 HTPC (AWARD BIOS).

I was flashing a modded BIOS and I had a power cut at home, the system refused to start and all attempts at recovery failed. Unfortunately the BIOS chip was soldered to the board so recovery was going to be tricky. I removed the BIOS chip and was able to re-flash it using a USB programmer with a backup of the BIOS I took using Winflash.

This revived the system but unfortunately it seems the on-board NIC’s (Intel 82566DC) MAC address has been lost along the way, in fact it seems that a few bits of data relating to the NIC have been lost which is causing some problems..

Using an Intel tool I can view the contents of what it thinks my NIC eeprom should contain, this is what running the tool on my system sees:

And this is what the eeprom seems to contain on a friends system:

The values appear to be in reversed order so looking at the image my friend sent me, his MAC should be "00:1A:92:4F: DD:84" (appears in the backup as 1A00 4F92 84DD). I also have a backup of the eeprom but unfortunately none of the Intel tools I have tried are able to restore the information (emulated eeprom).

I have found many other people with similar issues but I have not yet found any solution that works. I can set a MAC manually in Windows but the NIC will only operate in 10mb mode, I assume this is because it is more than just the MAC address that has been erased.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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