Unable to get 1680x1050 native on Dell 2210P monitor

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I have a Compaq SR1010Z with K8S-LA motherboard and SIS 760 integrated video. I have applied the patch bios (both downloaded from this site and patched myself to VBios 2.49) I have also installed the latest SIS driver (tried both 3.90 and 3.80) as well as installed the monitor inf.

The 1680x1050 does appear on video setting selection but on the monitor it render in 1400x1050 resolution stretched to fill monitor (no scrolling) so text appears fuzzy. The monitor works fine at 1680x1050 with another computer so it does not seems to be problem with monitor.

1440x900 works does as expected on the monitor. Any idea how to get around the problem?

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