Widescreen Problems SiS755

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Some Days ago my ATI RADEON 9800 Pro was damaged.
Now i tried to install a NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro but I'm not able to get a higher resolution than 640x480 (on my Samsung Syncmaster 206BW --> widescreen).
I would like to work with 1680x1050 but every change I make is anulated before i press "OK".

I already installed the AGP(GART) driver (1.21, ~3.5MB) but still nothing

My Bios Details are:

Manufacturer: Phoenix Technologies,
LTD Version : 6.00 PG Date : 09/16/2005
Copyright : Copyright (C) 2003, Phoenix Technologies, LTD Motherboard ID : 09/16/2005-SiS-755-6A7I3E1AC-00
OEM Signature : 755-A2 Ver 1.1B 09/16/2005 DMI Version : 2.2

I hope nothing important is missing & you're able to help me.
Thank you!
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download the drivers for your vga card @ nvidia and install them. you might have to uninstall all ATI drivers properly before. (assuming Windows ;))

the SIS 755 doesn't have inbuild VGA btw.
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Thanks for your try but:
What can i do to ignore the "not-inbuild-vga" // how can i do it without inbuild vga? <<-->> i didn't understand that comment about the inbuild vga

I didn't find any special-vga-drivers and the drivers i tried to use so far (71.84 Win2kxp international, 71.89 Win2kxp english,40.72 winxp_WHQL ,71.89 Win2kxp international)
just let me put in 640x480 , 16bit-color.

Btw: i forgot to say that without any graphic-drivers, i'm able to work with 800X600 16bit-color,what still hurts my eyes.

Please don't give up in helping me!
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Did you install nvidia quadro drivers or did you install the standard nvidia drivers?
AFAIR the quadros won't work with the standard vga drivers.
Are you sure the Quadro is working correctly ?
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i didn't understand that comment about the inbuild vga
Most if not all widescreen questions here are about the SiS onboard VGA solutions. Those are bios-related. Your problem with the Quadro 2 card is not.

This is the last set of drivers that supports the Quadro2 series of cards:

I suspect support for it has been dropped afterwards as it is quite an old card already.

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