16:9 widescreen support in ASUS K8S-MX

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Hi CP,

1. I am ready to put an add-on graphics card. My worry is that last time when I tried with NVdia FX 5200 nothing turned to work fine.

2. Is there any special way to install graphics drivers for this case (like manual installation for Sis)

3. But one thing i remember is that, last time when I installed my friends card, it had 16:9 ratios in it.

4. Is there any way to find which graphics card will best suit my requirement.

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1. first of all uninstall all previous vga drivers. if using an agp card make sure the sis agp drivers are installed properly. get the latest drivers for your new vga card (@nvidia.com for the FX5200) and unpack them somewhere (don't run the installer!). THEN power off the machine and drop in the new card.

2. see 1. ;)

3. manufacturer, model, make? NOT SIS or not Windows i suppose.

4. depends on what you want to do. for office any card will do. for video anything with integrated video acceleration and decent drivers should do. i'd pick something from ATI or NVidia. for gaming you should buy ATI or NVidia and refer to some of those benchmark sites on the net to find something that suits your gaming needs.
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