Computer will not start up!

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Well my problem is my computer will not start up after in froze and could only be shut off threw the kill switch!

After i turned it back on it told me it needs the start cd to start up again!

That should normaly not be and for that reason i checked my Bios (version Phoenix 3.0) and it told me that my Master harddrive was from this moment on a Slave drive!
Since that is i do know why my computer will not start up again!
Is there a way to switch my harddrive from slave to master in Bios???

I did try to switch that my computer boots first from the Harddrive but since i have now 2 Slave drives and they are mixed up for which one is really the first (Master became #2 Slave drive and my Slave drive is #1 of my slave drives)!

would be perfect if there is a way without loseing data since that is the last way out!

thanks for all the help i get!
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The hard-drive itself has jumpers to determine whether it be a slave or
If your system was OK until it locked up, then i'm assuming you don't
also have another drive like a CD/DVD rom, or another hard-drive
connected onto the same ribbon/cable as the one with the operating
system on it...
If that's the case, then the one single drive on the IDE 1 cable shouldn't
really matter wether it's set to master or slave...
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