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ACER V75M Mobo (for IBM Aptiva) : looking for BIOS info

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2004 12:48 pm
by Czerno
Hi ! New to this board, please redirect my question to the appropriate forum if this is not it !

Got an IBM Aptiva 2170 which uses an ACER "V75M" mobo, (SiS 530 chipset, W153F clock generator ...)

I am seeking to mod my BIOS in different directions, including adding boot from a USB keydisk.

Can someone tell if this "ACER BIOS" (even modded by IBM) is really ACER developped, or it's a mod from one of the "major" BIOS manufacturers ?

Any chance of finding tech/programming doc for this or a similar ACER BIOS (I'm "fluent" in ASM...) ? Even, just a dream, finding source code ? At the very least I would need docs for the genral layout of tables, routines and so on...

Thanks for all and any help