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Pcchips m560 tweaking

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 12:32 pm
by skinnie
Hi,I own a pcchips m560 and I trying to tune it a lil bit with a program called tweakbios,what i want to know is if there are any settings that I can modify without the risk of seing the computer crashing or braking..
I'll leave some screenshots of the program with the options that it have..
I tested pci ocncurrency and the computer brakes..but if anyone has sure that some settings can be handled by the board plz say it.

I have a mmx 200@233
2x64mb pc133
ati graphics pro turbo (mach64vt)
2x voodoo 2 SLi
Ali pci 6 usb card
creative awe32 isa
samsung 40gb

cpu to pci


pci to isa


ide controller


specs of dimm 1


specs of dimm 2