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BIOS won't update on Jetway P4MFM m/b - Write-Protected

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:50 am
by rcatank
Hi guys, my first post.

Motherboard: Jetway P4MFM
Current BIOS: V.P4MFM A02 05-08-2002
Update Version: ANY....

The latests BIOS can be found here: ... -1.htm#p4x
I have tried using P4MFMUA3.bin and P4MFMA08.bin so far using the Awdflash utility(8.83).

Every time I try to flash from DOS, Awdflash says "Flash-Rom is write protected, Check lockout jumpers if they are set to correct or not". And as per the manual, there are no physical jumpers on the MOBO of such kind. Also, I did not find anything once in the BIOS to turn off/disable any write-protection.

I also thought it might be a grounding issue, but its not since, initially I had the mobo in the case, and now I have it flat outside.

Any suggestions to why I cant flash bios? :(