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32GB+: i440BX-W83977-2A69KTG9C-00 12/05/2000

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2002 4:14 am
by cscag
Tekram Motherboard: TRM-P6B40-A4X V1.11B0

BIOS: Award 4.51PG

BIOS String: i440BX-W83977-2A69KTG9C-00 12/05/2000

Is there any way to upgrade or patch this BIOS so it will recognize HDDs over 32 Gbyte in size? Tech support at Tekram is no longer providing flash updates. The last update was 12/05/2000.

Unicore has a replacement BIOS for $69.95 but it has no capability to monitor motherboard health. (CPU temp, fan speeds, etc.) I would rather not give up that capability.

Any assistance appreciated.



Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2002 1:26 pm
by Denniss
Bios 1.11 B1 from 2/2001 with support over 64Gb from here : ... e&artid=72

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2002 6:12 pm
by Rainbow
Tekram USA has the same BIOS
The 12/05/2000 BIOS is enough for HDDs up to 64GB, can be patched to be up to 128GB.