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HP A8M2N-LA NodusM3

Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:13 pm
by RunFaster
Hi i was wondering if i could modify the bios's cpu microcode to support any usage of a AMD 1090t. I have all the tools to do this but i don't have any files on the processor microcode. Would a simple microcode allow me to use this 6 core processor? BTW i don't really need the turbo option to work unless it is included in the code. I have read that some AM3 chips work in some AM2. I just don't have the resources to buy a new mobo right now altho i was able to purchase the chip. Could I find a phoenix bios that supports this chip and extract it from there? Or would I be able to buy a modded bios to support this chip and it's features. Right now I have the stock bios running a AMD 6400+ BE as a unknown AMD processor, I was hoping that the 1090t would be filed under the unknown class as i have read that the current bios has all the cpu codes full. Would it be as simple as replacing the cpu file with a newer one from a 1090t supported phoenix bios? So is this possible or should i wait (long)and save up to use this chip? I would be interested in trying a modded bios with AGESA(sp.) or the turbo boost controller.

Re: HP A8M2N-LA NodusM3

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:46 pm
by edwin
The board itself simply will not support this line of CPUs, that is why they were blocked from the bios. Yep, saving is all you can do right now...