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HP ML150 Generation 3 issues

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:57 pm
by JEWilson
Have this server
The specs states this mobo can be upgraded with better spec CPU
However (no surprise), HP appears to offer two mobos for this model
The first, will support two of dual core CPU (one in each CPU socket)
The second, is sold as an upgrade which will support two of 4 core CPU
see ... -p/3940204
No help forthcoming
Quad core CPU will not work in both sockets, or, rather only one quad core will work in either CPU socket
The mobo will not run with 2 of quad core in both CPU sockets (see post below).
The mobo runs ok with 2 of dual core in each CPU socket.
The BIOS upgrade is the same for both mobos (so it seems) SP41814 from HP website.
This is a phoenix Trusted Core
If I didn't know better, the BIOS is restricting the mobo in place to 4 cores across either socket
How do I get access to this BIOS? Have tried Phoenix BIOS editor - no joy.
There is an option to lock cores per the Trusted core specification.

This is a known problem, meaning people have experienced this ... M2u43eOGvg ... L_ayXfejps

I don't believe it to be a uCode issue or similar

Any help appreciated

Re: HP ML150 Generation 3 issues

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:37 pm
by edwin ... 7_div.html
Upgradeability Upgradeable to dual processor
NOTE: Future upgradeable to Xeon® Series 5300 Quad-Core, or 5100 Dual-Core processors (Please contact your regional sales support to determine quad core upgradeability. Some of the earlier shipping models may not support this upgrade)
What does HP partsurfer tell you?