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Tekram P6BXA-n new BIOS not recognizing tualatin celeron!!

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2003 5:14 pm
by robbie1
I'm trying to upgrade to a Celeron Tualatin 1.1 GHz processor for Tekram
P6BXA-n mainboard. Its CPU ID is 6B4. Unfortunately it does not boot,
Does anyone know how to modify a BIOS such that it can fully support
tualatin celeron?? This bios can be download in P6BX-A).zip

It is the bios which can support hdd up to 128GB.


Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2003 5:50 pm
by soupy
Oh, a Slot-1? This your guy?

What slotket are you using? You'll need a PowerLeap or a Slot-T.