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ASUS G1s notebook vga bios update (help needed)

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 9:16 pm
by 9600xt
i have an asus G1s laptop, i would to replace the G1s vga bios module with the one present in a different laptop bios, my laptop has an 8600m gt videocard, and the G2Sg (the other laptop) has an 8700m gt that is only an overclocked version of mine. can you mod this for me please? I hope that it is possible, so i post the bioses links, tanks in advance.

G1s v300 bios (my laptop): ... 0.rar.html

G2Sg vga bios module: ... s.rom.html

Please use the files i posted here, not the one from asus site, i just want this please... tanks