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Uninstalling a Sound Card ON the motherboard

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2002 1:58 am
by tragic85
Ok, here's the story:

My sound card has been acting up lately, so I bought a new one, installed it, and what do you know, it doesn't work. I can't uninstall the sound card that is on the motherboard. Whenever I try, it just installs itself right back in. So I called various tech supports (all VERY unhelpful) and the one for the sound card that I bought told me that I needed to call the people who made my computer and have them walk me through the BIOS settings and make the computer ignore the original sound card, because the one I bought, Phillips Rythmic Edge (model PSC703), doesn't override it. Unfortunately, I don't have a warrent, so they wanted to charge me 20 bucks 'per incident' (and I had to call UTAH to hear this!). I don't know about any of you, but I really can't afford to spend 20 bucks on that kind of thing. That was a dead end. I called the place I bought the computer at, and they don't give tech support. THIS IS MY LAST HOPE! Please help. I have a Yahoo handle if it comes that far.
thank you in advance.

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2002 4:58 pm
by Rainbow
Look in the BIOS if you can disable the onboard sound there, also look in board manual if there's a jumper for this. If not, just disable the sound card in Windows Device Manager - it should work.
BTW.: When I was testing SB Audigy in my Pentium 100 (Windows 95 OSR2), I left ISA ESS1868 card in and I had no problems - both cards worked (I was able to select preferred card from Control Panel/Multimedia).