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upgrade bios string 02/26/98-i430TX-W83977-2A591A1BC-8N

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2002 6:38 am
by nancy56
I have Award bios V4.51pg
Green PCI/ISA system (whatever that means)
with string stating 02/26/98-i430TX-W83977-2A591A1BC-8N
I have no idea what motherboard this unit has. All it will do is boot up, and gives the message CMOS checksum error. I have put a new battery in it so that's not the problem. I just aquired this unit as is, and do not know the background on what has been tried before I got it. I can get into the bios by hitting the delete key, but when I'm in the bios my keyboard freezes and I can't do anything. Iwas told it is a Pentium 200MHG, 128 ram, no operating system, but I'm not sure. I have tried booting from Windows 98SE startup disk but it doesn't seem to read the A drive at all. Hitting the F1 key to continue does nothing. I was hoping that by upgrading the bios it may solve my problem but I have no documentation on this unit at all so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. The former owner told me that it just would not hold the bios settings. Thanks

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2002 11:42 am
by NickS
Hi Nancy56
I hope you won't mind me pointing out that it's a good idea to read the FAQ before posting. also has sections on how to identify the manufacturer from the ID string you provided for your Award BIOS. If you did that and can't identify the manufacturer it's a good idea to say so, otherwise people will just think you're being lazy. Google search can be very useful as well.

Your BIOS ID is probably not 02/26/98-i430TX-W83977-2A591A1BC but 2A59IA1BC. I would look at the Abit website. You should find something printed on the board to show you which model.

Ifi it's a 6x86L PR120 it's definitely not a Pentium - it's a Cyrix processor which runs at 100 MHz - 66MHz x 1.5. It could easily hang if you're trying to run it faster.

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2002 3:53 pm
by nancy56
Thanks so much for your reply and your help. I'm new to this and after searching for 2 days, trying to find out which motherboard I had, I really appreciate it.