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Win 2K bios update

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2002 6:57 am
by Cliff
I have an Asus A7M266 mb and wish to update my bios so I can run an Athlon XP processor. I have flashe my bios several times in the past but now for the first time my os is Win 2K and I don't know where to begin.
Can I make a boot disk for Win 2K? Do I flash my bios using the Award flash utility? Would appreciate as much help and detail as possible. Thanks

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2002 9:36 am
by edwin
1) visit

they have a selfextractor that will create a clean boot diskette for bios flashing (the drdos 7 one).

2) get the bios update file: ...
and a flash utility: ...

you need to unpack both files with winzip or similar.

3) now go here:

you can skip the creation of the bootdisk, you made one already in step 1), read the procedure carefully.