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How do I disable security lock command for my BIOS?

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:00 pm
by php111

I'm new to this forum! I don't have the version for my BIOS. I am scanning my PC for bad sectors. I have a blank hard drive, so I can't download any tools. I rely on the tools I have which are Hiren's tools. I won't open PC to reset the jumper, or the battery. I don't have any other PC, and I don't have a PC with security lock command disabled. I have the Phoenix Award BIOS. I have eMachines 1200-07w desktop PC. My HDD is recognized in the BIOS. I don't get prompt for a password when my drive spins up, and I don't get a password prompt to enter the BIOS. I locked my drive out of the BIOS with security lock command. How do I disable security lock command?