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I have recently updated the BIOS on my FIC VT-502 board from v1.08FF11 (8/9/1997) to v1.13FF104 (2/22/1999) to add support for drives larger than 8GB, and to properly display my CPU's name (AMD K6) on boot. All had gone well until I re-enabled the onboard USB controller. After the RAM check, it would immediately restart without displaying any errors.

There is no means of resetting the CMOS on the board from what I can see. It seems to be random when the loop breaks and allows me into the BIOS settings to reset it to defaults.

Is this a bug in this version of the BIOS or something else I'm missing?
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quick easy fix to try is replacing the cmos battery with a brand new CR2032 3V litium coin cell.

other than that check for bad capacitors on the motherboard or in your power supply for more info

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