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very special bios problem

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2002 7:39 pm
by gogo
Hi all,

is it possible to find bios upgrade, when the only information, what I have is the flash bios chip number? Please, please, help me!



Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2002 8:42 pm
by soupy
Nope. Need more information.

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2002 7:53 pm
by gogo

i just want to know, if it is possible, as said me one "clever" man...

the other information:socket7, chipset TX_PRO, AT, 2xDIMM, 4xSIMM, 4xPCI, 4xISA, REV 3.1A
i thought, that it is PCCHIPS M560, but the BIOS wasn't right and the problem is, that i didn't write old BIOS is it possible to solve my problem or i can take my MB out?
PS: Sorry, if i am in bad forum...

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2002 8:11 pm
by Rainbow
Identify it at PC Chips Lottery, in the "DON'T KNOW" section. If the board does not work, you should be able to flash using Ctrl+Home method (read FAQ at main page.