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Please help, if i see 1 more error message...........

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2002 4:13 am
by [OCUK]Iver

just bought a 80gb hardrive for my pc which has a Gigabyte GA-7ZM motherboard. the BIOS that came with this board has an issue where it can not see drives above 65gb. 'no problem ill flash it' i wrong i was

ive tryed about 4 different versions of the gigabyte universal flash utility, and the one from AMI (F82725.EXE), and again at least 4 different BIOS.ROM files for my motherboard. i get the error messages with the Gigabyte flasher even if i dont tell it what BIOS.ROM file i wanna use.

heres some error messages:

'MAKE SURE FLASH IS NOT PROTECTED' (these are with the gigabyte flasher)

'ERROR 22 FLASH ROM CAN NOT BE CORRECTLY PROGRAMED' (thats the message AMI flasher gives me)

things ive tryed\checked:

ive made sure the BIOS isnt write protected by jumper or software
ALL passwords have been cleared
ALL files on the floppy are NOT set to read only
the BIOS has been set to defaults
the floppy im using has been formated repeatly and scandisked

the sticker on the BIOS chip itsself reads:


im a bit of a BIOS n00b so please go easy

HELLLLLLLLLLLLP im pulling my hair out now, its no longer just the matter of flashing my BIOS.....its the princible of letting the machine win

thankyou in advance for any help

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2002 4:38 pm
by NickS
The writing on the sticker doesn't really help - it's the writing on the chip, under the sticker, which will identify the chip.

Have you tried Uniflash ?