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Information on where to look:

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2002 1:42 am
by Jevernew
I have an older PC that I am playing around with, and I would like to know where I might find out some more info about the beast. It is an IBM Aptiva series PC, circa 1996, with an AT type M/B in it. The Bios Version is listed as BG2US0J, and the M/N of the board is 2168A40.
I tried to scrape off the mold, and re-installed Win98SE. It works pretty good, but is there any update that might put this beast back to a productive state, like for a student. The board supports a whopping 48MB of SDRAM, and the HD is a 2.1Ghz Maxtor. So far it seems like the board has accepted all tasks, but I would like to kill the IBM Logo that keeps coming up on boot.
Also, the single board on this beast is a combination sound, video, 28KB Fax Modem. Two PCI slots and six ISA slots. Amazing.

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2002 5:38 am
by ajzchips
It's an Aptiva 2168-A40
BIOS here: ... btype=BIOS

Just use IBM's search engine for more info.