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PC Chips M583lmr (V1.3): BIOS and Flash utility

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 3:24 pm
by Lotosdrache

I've got a PC Chips M583lmr motherboard and need a BIOS update as my AMD K6-2+/570ACZ isn't recognized correctly and the internal ArtX graphic has some problems under DOS at a resolution of 640x480 pixels.

P.O.S.T screen:

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American Megatrends
AMIBIOS (C)1999 American Megatrends Inc.,
Release 09/25/2000 S

ALi M1543C B1

What I've done so far:
I found some BIOS files at ... index.html
and ... rid=214801
- 2k0828s.rom
- 2k0925s.rom
- 010306s.rom
- 010525s.rom
and tried to flash them. However, no flash utility worked.

The manual (Be careful, file contains macros!) says:
"BIOS Update Utility
The BIOS Update utility allows you to update the BIOS file on the mainboard to a newer version. You can download the latest version of the BIOS setup available for your mainboard from the website.

So, I downloaded this version from here. But when I ran the program it told me:

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> Chipset/Flash part isn't available. The function will be invalid.
Then, I tried version amf895.exe:

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The Chipset is not supported

Press any key to continue...
and then the next message was

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Flash is wirte-protected

Press any key to continue...
I cannot find any jumper on the board or any option in the BIOS that wirte-protects the BIOS chip. Therefore, I guess this version doesn't work, too.

Then, I tried AMIFL634.COM:
The program didn't show any information right below under "Flash information". When entering the name of the BIOS file the following message appeared

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Reading BIOS File from Disk...
but nothing further happened. So, I pressed RESET 8O and restarted the system . It was still functional...

Then, I tried AFUDOS.EXE v4.40:

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- ERROR: BIOS does not support AFU.
Now, I am at my wit's end.

Please, can you help me and provide me with an updated BIOS file and a working flash utility?

Re: PC Chips M583lmr (V1.3): BIOS and Flash utility

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:21 pm
by Lotosdrache
I solved it myself overnight:
aminf342.exe worked with this board.

Sorry for wasting your time :oops: :D

Re: PC Chips M583lmr (V1.3): BIOS and Flash utility

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:42 pm
by edwin
Thank you for taking the time to find out and fix things. Other people might benefit from your work.