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Warning Message Upgrading BIOS

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2002 10:53 pm
by smoddelm
Attempting to upgrade BIOS on SONY PCV-J150 deskop with upgrade downloaded from SONY website. Board is identified by BELARC as:

ASUSTeK Computer INC. A7S-AV REV 1.xx -- doesn't show up on ASUS website -- I think they just make it for SONY???

I boot from bootable diskette with upgrade on it. Some activity and then the following message:

Warnings! BootBlock is different between flash and POL1005.BIN. Continue (Y/N)

I have selected no, fearful of what I may be doing. Contacted SONY Customer Service via e-mail and received this response:

"We have searched our database and do not find this error listed among the known issues for your model."

Using GOOGLE to search, I find a similar message (earlier upgrade or for a different machine) -- POL1003.BIN substituted for 1005. There appears to be a detailed response from SONY on that one, but it's in Japanese.

Any advice? Should I proceed with the upgrade?

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2002 11:21 pm
by edwin
You can use to translate that Japanese page into something more legible. It looks like this is a normal message when you upgrade the bios from a very early revision to version POL1003 or beyond, since they have used a new boot block in those revisions.
BIOS " 1003 " guide of update program

We offer the program software which updates the BIOS of the SONY personal computer PCV-J15 in up-to-date ones.

The BIOS of the PCV-J15 is updated in the 「 1003 」 by this program, problem below is solved.
Inconveniently in regard to use and in order to avoid the trouble when updating the software, please read the explanation below well execute this program.

< Object product >
It does the product which this program has dealt with, with those below.


< The problem which is solved >
In the above-mentioned personal computer, problem below was solved.

When starting the system, there are times when it becomes the CMOS Checksum Error.

< Verification method of BIOS version >
[ You can verify the version of the BIOS, [ with system information ] of the utility ].

Power of the knitting machine is turned on, the Windows is started.

[ Start ] clicking the button, [ it adjusts the pointer to the VAIO, ] [ clicks VAIO system information ].
[ Present version is indicated [ in the BIOS version ] of product information ].

If this time, " ACPI BIOS Revision 1003 " it is indicated, it is not necessary to do this update.

< Procedure of download >
Following to the following procedure, please do download.

In order to update the BIOS, please prepare the floppy disk of the format being completed. The update program of the BIOS which it downloads is retained.

In the hard disk, please prepare the folder in order to house the file which is downloaded.

File below, 2. So please download in the folder which was drawn up.
J_BIOS1003.exe (229KB)

When download ends, [ indication ] of the explorer - [ please select details, ] make the details of the file indicate and verify size.
If size is the same, being able to download it is normally. When size is different, for the second time, please delete the file which is downloaded, download.

It downloaded, the J_BIOS1003.exe has become the self-extracting file.
Executing the J_BIOS1003.exe with the explorer, please develop the file.
When the idea contest of the J_BIOS1003.exe double is clicked, the dialogue box of the &#65378; cBios 1003 for PCV-J15 &#65379; is indicated.

1. So setting the floppy disk which is prepared to floppy disk drive, [ ahead thawing in the text box of the directory ] " the A: The \ " with inputting, [ please click the OK ].
The file is developed in the floppy disk.

When development of the file ends, 2. please delete the folder and the file the among those which were drawn up entirely.

Please remove the floppy disk.

< Procedure of update >
When download ends, following to the following procedure, please do update.

Please set the &#65378; system recovery CD-ROM Vol.1 of 2 &#65379; to CD-ROM drive.
The dialogue box of the &#65378; system recovery &#65379; is indicated.

[ Clicking cancellation ], please end the Windows.

While pushing the Shift key, please start the knitting machine.

On picture " A: \ When > " command prompt is indicated, < Procedure of download > So please set the floppy disk which was drawn up to floppy disk drive.

After the typing, continuing " B " with the keyboard, while pushing the Shift key, "; " Typing, " the b: " With after verifying that it is indicated, pushing the Enter key, please move to B drive.

" The upd1003 " typing with the keyboard, please push the Enter key.

Execution of the program is verified, " the Do you want to update BIOS (1003) for PCV-J15 (the y/n)? " With the message which is said is indicated.
" Y " please type.
When " N " it types, version rise of the BIOS is not executed.
Consequently, " Warnings! BootBlock is different between flash and POL1003.BIN
" Continue (Y/N)"
Because with the message which is said is indicated, " Y " typing, pushing the Enter key, please continue update.

The BIOS is updated.
However when the &#12367; it is updated, the system restarts automatically.

After the SONY logograph is indicated in the picture, in the center of the picture, " the CMOS checksum error - the Defaults loaded " it is indicated, in addition " the Press F1 to continue, the F2 to enter SETUP " is indicated in picture lower part.

Please remove the floppy disk and the CD-ROM, push the F1 key.
The Windows starts.

< Verification method of BIOS version > So, please verify the version of the BIOS.
If version is indicated " ACPI BIOS Revision 1003 ", it completes update normally.
Update job is end at above.