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BIOS FIX neededfor MOBO SG-810EAD Award BIOS Version V6.00PG

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2005 10:15 am
by sailorman
:lol: Hi There!
I am looking for a fix to my Award BIOS V6.00PG. I cannot change the settings from the default values upon rebooting with new values inserted.. Mobo boots fine but the BIOS values cannot be reset. I do not need an upgrade just a functional BIOS
I think that the BIOS has become corrupted due to a low voltage on the CMOS battery before I received the mobo. I have replaced the batery and checked its voltage to assure it is above 3.00 volts.
My BIOS string is:
The mobo is by SuperGrace and has an intel i810e chipset with both a AT and ATX power plugs on the mobo. Model SG-810EAD.
Other vital characteristics:
2 DIMM memory slots (512 meg max I think)
4 PCI slots
On board, video and sound and modem?
Part number stamped on the mobo is 4M300A10.
I have never flashed a BIOS so need to be directed to a site where I can get some procedures -possibly on this site and be led to a site to obtain the manual. BTW where is the jumper to short to flash the BIOS?
This is my first time here and I must say this site is AWSOME!

KUDOS to site managers, authors and moderators! I have learned a lot in just a short visit.

If you have info email me at <>

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2005 2:00 pm
by Denniss
V3 in your Bios-ID indicates PcPartner/Vtech as original manufacturer using Supergrace as brand name.

You'll find Bios and instructions as well as manual at
The 4M300A10 is something like a board identifier number as seen in the Intel chipset/i810 update pages.

Have you tried to load Setup oder Performance Defaults in Bios ?