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ami chip onto award board...

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:34 pm
by reg66
i have a dead asrock p4i65g - ami bios
working asus p4b - award bios

in the event of ami bios corruption the bootlock on the chip, on a working mobo, should look for AMIBOOT.ROM on floppy automatically to repair the bios.

question: can i place the corrupted ami chip in the award slot on the asus board, switch on and when (+if) it searches for the floppy, do the auto flash?

i just wanna check that placing the ami chip on the award-recognising board and firing the pc up won't kill that board too...
many thanks

edit: can anyone just tell me if booting a motherboard that usually has an award bios with an ami bios chip will
a)kill it
b)not do anything
or c)powerup and search for a floppy providing the bootlock is intact