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just an other dead motherboard !!!

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2003 1:13 am
by joujox
hello all members :lol:

ok my problem is the same as many other members i read all topic and
have now idea how to do
small description:i put in the bios an invalid bios witch isn't go at all with my mainboard so it lloks like i just erased my flash rom that's all.
but i still having somes questions
first: about hot swapping:what dose it mean and how to do step by step?
2..)about my version update of bios
my ex bios was amibios ver 1.12.10
my dead mainboard is k7vmm+ v 3.1
when i visted the esc site to download the new bios i found that the file was extention .exe and not .rom or .bin so i m afraid do ran this programm on my freind's computer when hot swapping
so i ask what to do
plaese help me