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GA-586DX: 128 MB SIMMs w/ ECC *work*

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2003 3:27 pm
by old_shtuff
Recently I successfully upgraded my GA-586DX's (i430HX, dual socket 7) memory by putting in two 128 MB FPM modules with 24 chips Samsung K4F640412E-TC60 each (I noted down K4F6404120, but these don't seem to exist, so I assume a memory error ;) of mine) - these are 64 MBit chips in 16Mx4 organization w/ 4K refresh. ECC seems to work as expected, too, but I turned it off in favor of slightly better memory performance. These modules have been running just fine, they're also "T2P4 approved" (83 MHz 5-2-2-2 no problems) and should work in just about any HX board with a halfway recent BIOS (mine is from 03/97 or 04/97). (Cost was a bit over 30 EUR per module, virtually a steal.)