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Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2002 1:36 am
by polysurf
I have an Intergraph TDZ-2000 with the following information:

BIOS Manufacturer : American Megatrends
BIOS ID : 61-841F-006350-00111111-071595-82440LX
BIOS Date : 07/15/95
BIOS OEM Signon :
BIOS ROM Size : 256K
Chipset : Intel 440EX/LX rev 3
Super I/O Chip : SMC 93x rev 1 found at port 370h

I cannot find the motherboard mfg #006350 so I can find a BIOS update. I have upgraded to W2K and recently added a new ATI FIRE GL2 video card. The graphics display degrades (some text/graphics become unreadable) and then the system will freeze - everything locks, mouse will not move, cannot reboot, etc.

Do you think a BIOS update will help?

I appreciate any replys to this post.


Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2002 2:37 am
by Denniss
Please search for markings printed onto your Board .
Your freezing might be a power problem - many 440LX based boards have problems feeding 3d-graphics card with enough power .

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2002 4:24 am
by edwin
Specially made for Intergraph. ... sp#sysbios

probably not your bios that is the issue but the i440LX chipset used on your board...

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2002 11:46 am
by Rainbow
Make sure you have the latest drivers for your card.
It might be the power problem - I remember that this problem was also on earlier Asus P2L97 boards - there was a linear voltage regulator which can't provide enough current for some cards. Asus provided a simple rework ... ework.html