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Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2002 4:30 pm
by Vilx
Does anybody know ehere to get an update file for the following BIOS?

The string that was shown on the screen at bootup said:


and on the AWARD BIOS chip was said:

S/N: 032193412

Also, such string appeared on the screen at bootup:


From this webpage I found out, that the chipset was UMC8886BF and the motherboard manufacturer, which wasn't mentioned on the motherboard itself, was Jossi, a nonexistent firm anymore. The motherboard is quite old, but still i would need to run it. Presently the BIOS seems to have been damaged and is unable to perform a boot completely.

If anyone has a flash upgrade for this BIOS, could you PLEASE tell me?

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2002 8:47 pm
by edwin
Joss Tech motherboard. Joss Tech seem to have stopped online operation...


Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2002 8:56 am
by Vilx
But does not anyone have a patch for it? And also, might it not be, that other MotherBoards have the same BIOS and I could use the patch from them?

joss bios

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2002 12:28 pm
by Elan
Joss bioses are really hard2find bin file (being Josstech out of business), I've found some (only for 430VX mobos) on
Sorry, no 486 bios file. As far i as know no other vendor used joss mobos.