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Arista ARP-2610AP manual needed

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:39 pm
by Ger@ld

i have a Arista ARP-2610AP IPC with an special desingned mainboard based on a VIA C3 667 MHz one core processor with 512 MB SO-DIMM (SD)
It's not fast, but working... :wink:
Unfortunately the USB-plug from bracket lost the connection from board-header :oops:
I did try some positions and killed 2 USB sticks :twisted:
Google didn't find any informations to this board (except the Arista page or resellers), Arista distribute the touchscreendriver and 2 old advertisingflyer only.
A emailrequest did rejected from server :roll:
One onboard USB-port isn't enough. ok, i can it expand with a hub, but trough a hub i can't boot from a stick :?
Can anybody give me a hint, where i can get a manual or a draw with the connetors, please?

Thank you,

Re: Arista ARP-2610AP manual needed - solved!

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:31 pm
by Ger@ld
Today i'd found the right position for usb-bracked header :D
It's in front of LAN connector. LAN must be at 12 o'clock! Connector has 4 pin only, plug 5 pin. right side first black wire must be "on air". left side red wire on pin 4. For first test i'd use a modyfied usb-plug with an LED and a resistor between + and - . This pre-test save some hardware :mrgreen: If te LED is working, next test is an usb-stick. And surprise, surprise, windows found it 8)

I think about to change the mainboard. CPU works with snail-speed :roll:
I'd found, that this mainboard do have a TTL- output for LCD. After this output is a EPM-1520-24 TTL --> LVDS converter board. I found this manual: ... th_QIG.pdf
"All" what i need, is a mainboard with TTL output and a ser. interface for the touch driver with smal footprint (mini-ITX or similar), but it looks like, that TTL output is very exotic :(