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Moherboard Manual for a MEC PH50705C (AB v1.4)

Posted: Mon May 16, 2005 11:41 am
by lonktwond
I have found the Manual for the MEC PH5 v1.3 Motherboard .
Can someone tell me where I could find the Manual for the MEC AB(Abit , I would think) PH5 v1.4 if there is a manual for the v1.4 motherboard .
The boards are very similar in layout so it may be the v1.3 has the same pinnout as the v1.4 . This does seem so .
The v1.4 has an aluminium heatssink looking object about 45mm L x 25mm W x 20mm H with fanned like ends on the board between the CPU and the Battery socket which the diagram of the v1.3 motherboard I have seen does not have .

Posted: Wed May 25, 2005 11:53 pm
by edwin

for a v1.1

they may have added a heatsink to something in a later revision so it doesn't overheat that easy...

bios version

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2005 11:57 am
by lonktwond
thankyou e e , the 1.3 version applies better to the v1.4 board .