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Question regarding settings

Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:34 am
by royisher

I have a P5Q3 Deluxe motherboard.

I'm trying to change my bios settings to the following ones -
* Advanced BIOS Features :
o HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability [Enabled]
o CPU Enhanced Halt [Disabled]
o CPU Thermal Monitor [Disabled]
o CPU EIST Function [Disabled]
* Integrated Pereprhals :
o USB Keyboard Function [Enabled]
o USB Mouse Function [Enabled]
o Onboard SATA/IDE Device [AHCI]
* Power Management Setup :
o HPET Mode [64-bit Mode]
Now when I enter to my BIOS setup, I do not see this options or anything similar. Anyone has any idea what are the parallel functions to those in the P5Q3 bios settings area?

Thanks a lot!!

Re: Question regarding settings

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:40 pm
by edwin
Some of them are answered in here: ... =22&m=P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP @n&os=17&hashedid=diRYz5oR6oCEgWLw